Travel urgently from abroad without your UK passport (2024)

Before you apply, check if an emergency travel document will be accepted in the countries you plan to leave, enter and travel through. This includes whether you need a visa.

Apply if you’ve held a UK passport in the last 10 years

The application costs £100. You cannot get a refund.

To apply for your emergency travel document online, you will need:

  • a valid digital passport photo that meets the guidelines and has not been used in a previous passport
  • a contact telephone number
  • an email address
  • a debit or credit card for the fee

A relative or friend can pay for you if you’re not able to make a payment using the online service (for example, because you’ve lost your wallet).

Apply now

Apply on behalf of someone else

You can apply for an emergency travel document for someone else if they are a British national. They might have to attend an appointment and they may need to collect their emergency travel document in person.

If you apply for a child under 16, they will need to go to an appointment with both parents or legal guardians. If a parent or legal guardian cannot attend, they’ll need to send a signed consent letter instead.

After you apply

Your old passport will usually be automatically cancelled once you have paid for your emergency travel document.

You’ll be told if your passport will not be cancelled, for example because it’s with an embassy or you’ve already applied for a new passport.

You’ll get an email update about your application.

If the application is approved

You’ll be told:

  • how and when to collect your emergency travel document

  • whether you need to do anything else, like attend an appointment at your nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate

Your emergency travel document will usually be ready to collect 2 working days after you apply.

It may take several weeks if:

  • your original British passport has expired
  • you’re applying for a child under 16
  • you’ve not yet paid the £100 fee
  • you need to provide more documents or information
  • you need to attend an online or in-person appointment

Your travel plans (countries and dates) will be printed on your emergency travel document.

Do not book your travel until you get an email telling you how and when you can get your emergency travel document.

If your travel plans change, you’ll need to reapply and pay £100 again.

If your destination is the UK, border control will keep your emergency travel document when you arrive. This could also happen in other countries.

Apply if you have not held a UK passport in the last 10 years

Check that you are eligible for an emergency travel document if you have never had a UK passport or if you had one that expired more than 10 years ago.

Complete the contact form.

After you apply

You’ll be asked to provide evidence of:

  • your British nationality, or eligibility for British nationality

  • your exceptional circ*mstances

Travel urgently from abroad without your UK passport (2024)
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