Ramadan 2023 Dallas Calendar, Iftar & Sehri Time Table Schedule (2023)

This year Ramadan 2023 Dallas calendar is expected to start on March 23 and ends on April 21, subject to moon sighting. The 1 Ramadan 2023 date is 23 March, The Sehri time today Dallas is 06:03 am and Iftar time today Dallas is 7:31 pm. Ramadan 2023 Dallas will observe the holy month by fasting from dawn until sunset and engaging in spiritual practices such as prayer and charity.

Dallas Sehri Time & Iftar Time Today

Date Sehri Iftar
18 September, 2023 06:03 am 7:31 pm

Jafria: Sehr 05:53 Am Iftar 07:41 Pm

Dallas Prayer Time

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We can utilize these timings not just for meals or opening and closing signs, but also for making long prevailing Duas to boost with it significance

  • Saqib, Dallas

Between 20 and 8 Rakah of Taraweeh prayer is still debatable and to avoid the conflict. I decide to pray 20 with the imam and others for not breaking the strength

  • Shahzar, Dallas

Mostly occupied within this time slot but that needs to be drastically changed. Promise me to show availability for a presentable humble gesture through which we are granted Ramadan

  • Irshad, Dallas

Proclaiming on an immediate basis is a specialization of this site. We can adjust and give worldly affairs to move around at any time but with accustomed Ramadan time we can't play with it

  • Shumail, Dallas

I am an early bird and my agenda is going early to bed early to rise for a reason Ramadan Timings are pivotal to me. Pointed time needs to be noted without affecting sleeping time

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  • Alam, Dallas

Taraweeh prayers are extra special because it happens once a month. Felt so excited when my turn came for the last para "Amma Para" is been recited which is usually Khatm al-Quran marks the ending with the dispensation of Sweet meets

  • Dallas, Rehmat

After reading this article would like to share an important hazard referring to Iftar time. Break a fast with a small amount of Detox water or Roohafza syrup instead of Soft drinks or Sodas that could harm your empty stomach

  • Husain, Dallas

Ramadan schedule keep us going on I am a morning person thats why desired to learn clear cut timmings for suhoor

  • Habeeb, Dallas

Its my brother and mine duties to set table before iftar I will be totally dependent on this site this year. Its a piece of advice to bookmark this page otherwise you will be in rush

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The Dallas Ramadan prayers timing mention now that everyone can easily check that with every authentic detail as the everyone need to check that. I can quick entire month following this Ramadan schedule.

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You have made it so easy for me to find the exact timings for Ramadan timings of Dallas with this chart. so you can easily get the official timings of your city in this page

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Ramadan in Dallas

Dallas is a city in United States known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. During Ramadan, Muslims in Dallas practice fasting abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during daylight hours, and focus on prayer, charity, and good deeds. This page is your ultimate source for a comprehensive Ramadan 2023 Dallas Calendar with Sehri Time Today, Iftar Time Today, and daily updates. Ramadan Timings of 30 days for various cities are also available by country online in this section.

For Today 18 Sep, 2023: Islamic date 03 Rabi ul Awal 1445, Dallas Ramadan Timings are as follows: Sehri Time Today is at 06:03 am and Iftar Time Today is at 7:31 pm. According to Fiqa Jafria, Sehri and Iftar's Timings for today are as follows: Sehri Time Today is at 05:53 am and Iftar Time Today is at 07:41 pm. This Ramadan Calendar is a reliable source for fasting times today, specifically for Dallas, and caters to all Fiqh and sect. Keep yourself informed by regularly visiting our Ramadan Timings page and maximizing the benefits of this blessed month.


Today Sehri Time Dallas

According to 18 Sep, 2023, Sehri Time Today Dallas is 06:03 am.

Today Iftar Time Dallas

According to 18 Sep, 2023, Iftar Time Today Dallas is 7:31 pm.

Today Fasting Start and End Time

According to 18 Sep, 2023, Fasting time today Dallas starts from 06:03 am and ends at 7:31 pm.

Ramadan 2023 Dallas Start and End Date

This year Ramadan 2023 will be expected to start on 23 March and Ends on 20 April.

Eid Ul Fitr 2023 Dallas

This year Eid ul Fitr will be expected to celebrate in Dallas on Friday 21 April 2023.

Eid ul Fitr Holidays

This year Eid ul Fitr celebration will be expected from Friday, 21 April 2023 to Sunday, 23 April 2023.

Ramadan is an important time for Muslims and is observed globally as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community building. During Ramadan, many cities around the world offer a variety of activities for those who are celebrating

In Dallas, Texas, several activities are typically organized based on Ramadan 2023 Dallas, including:

1.Iftar dinners: Evening meal that breaks the fast each day at Iftar time in Dallas during Ramadan, and many local mosques and community organizations offer communal iftar dinners for the community to come together and break bread.

2.Special Nighttime prayer is performed from the evening of the First Ramadan to the evening before the 1st of the Shawwal.Duration extends to the tahajjud time or Sehri time Dallas during odd nights. Many mosques offer these congregational prayers for those who are celebrating.

3.Ramadan is a time for giving and helping others, and many organizations and mosques in Dallas offer opportunities for volunteers to participate in community service projects and help those in need.

4.Dallas organizes food drives and charity events to help those in need. This can include collecting food and supplies for local food banks and shelters or raising funds for various charitable causes.

5.Dallas offers events to help people maintain their health and wellness during the month. These can include workshops and classes on healthy eating, exercise, and stress management.

Ramadan Calendars 2023 Dallas remains a conflicted topic.Double consult from local authorities for the active Ramadan Time as they vary from year to year

Muslims Community in Dallas:

Dallas, Texas has a diverse Muslim community that is comprised of individuals from different cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. They can be consulted for the latest Ramadan 2023 Dallas and clear up your confusion. The largest concentration of Muslims in Dallas can be found in the northern suburbs, where several mosques and Islamic centers serve the religious and community needs of the local Muslims.

Several organizations and institutions cater to the social, cultural, and educational needs of the Muslim community in Dallas. These include religious schools, youth groups, women's organizations, and community centers that offer classes, events, and other programs.

In addition to their religious activities, area Muslims are also active in various fields, providing the right figures for Sehri and Iftar time Dallas, business, healthcare, education, and the arts. Many Muslims in Dallas is also involved in charitable work and volunteer in their local communities to make a positive impact.

Overall, the Muslim community in Dallas plays an important role in the city's cultural and religious diversity and contributes to its social and economic fabric.

How do Muslims celebrate Ramadan in Dallas?

Muslims in Dallas, like in many other places, celebrate Ramadan with religious devotion, community gatherings, and special cultural traditions.Invitations and greeting with the specification of the Ramadan 2023 Dallas starts even days before. They have a strong faith and can’t compromise on Sehri time Dallas as most of the Muslims take deep sleep at same time.

Ramadan is observed as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and charity. During this time, Muslims abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn to dusk. After sunset, families come all together for a meal to break the fast on right Iftar time Dallas provided by the local community or Islamic websites

In Dallas, there are many mosques and community centers that host large sehri meals as well for the community, often with special guest speakers at Sehri time Dallas. Many Muslims also participate in extra prayers and recitation of the Quran.

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Additionally, during Ramadan, it's common for Muslims to increase their acts of charity and generosity, such as volunteering at local soup kitchens, giving to the less fortunate, and participating in food drives.


What time is Ramadan Mubarak Sehri and Iftar 2023? ›

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Dhaka
104:43 AM6:12 PM
204:42 AM6:12 PM
304:41 AM6:13 PM
404:40 AM6:13 PM
26 more rows

What time is Roja Sehri in 2023? ›

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Roja
104:07 AM23 Mar 2023
204:04 AM24 Mar 2023
304:00 AM25 Mar 2023
404:57 AM26 Mar 2023
26 more rows

What time do you eat during Ramadan 2023? ›

In fact, there is only one rule regarding when one can eat during Ramadan, which is from sunset until sunrise.

What time do Muslims break fast 2023? ›

Libya Floods Emergency Appeal
DateMaghrib/ Iftar
26 more rows

What time is Iftar in Ramadan 2023? ›

Ramadan Timetable 2023 Nigeria
Lagos05:20 am06:45 pm
Kaduna05:03 am06:29 pm
Zaria05:01 am06:28 pm
Port Harcourt05:06 am06:30 pm
6 more rows

Can you eat during Ramadan 2023? ›

2: During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims of all ethnicities and races are permitted to fast or roza. They can only eat and drink before and after the sun rises and sets, known as Sehri and Iftar, according to fasting rules.

What is the dua for Sehri in Ramadan 2023? ›

The dua for Sehri is “Wa bisawmi ghadinn nawaiytu min shahri Ramadan” means “I intend to keep the fast for tomorrow in the month of Ramadan” after reading this dua in Ramadan 2023 for fasting in Sehri you are not permissible to eat and drink anything till the time of Iftaar.

What time is 5 Sehri in 2023? ›

Lahore Sehri Time & iftar Time 2023 - Lahore Ramadan Calendar 2023
404:36 AM26 Mar 2023
504:34 AM27 Mar 2023
604:33 AM28 Mar 2023
704:32 AM29 Mar 2023
26 more rows

How many Roza are there in Ramadan 2023? ›

Ramadan 2023 was supposed to begin on March 22 however, it will now start on March 23, following the sighting of the moon over Mecca. Ramadan 2023 is expected to last 30 days.

When to stop eating sahur 2023? ›

Most scholars agree that suhoor can be eaten until the beginning of the 'first light' of dawn which is up until the point that sunlight first becomes visible. Suhoor is eaten before Fajr time.

What are the rules for Ramadan 2023? ›

Within Ramadan, Muslims can drink and eat only until dawn at suhoor and after evening prayer during iftar. Tourists are not expected to fast, and no restrictions are imposed in hotels, but out of respect for the local traditions, it is advisable not to eat and drink in public during the daytime.

Can I eat at 4am in Ramadan? ›

At the start of Ramadan, you need to eat before 6:40am, but by the end of Ramadan you'll need to have eaten before 5:30am. All eating and drinking needs to have come to a close by sunrise and Fajr, the early morning prayer.

What can you not do during Ramadan 2023? ›

Fasting during Ramadan requires abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until sunset. This includes refraining from smoking and sexual relations. Children, the elderly, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with certain health conditions are exempt from fasting.

Why is Ramadan 2023 so early? ›

Ramadan begins 10 to 12 days earlier each year. This is because the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar Hijri calendar with months that are 29 or 30 days long. This year, the first day of fasting in Mecca will likely be Thursday, March 23, depending on the sighting of the new moon.

How many hours is Ramadan fasting 2023? ›

This year, Saudi Arabia and much of the Middle East will be fasting for about 13.5-14 hours a day. Tunisians will experience the longest fast day of Ramadan at 14 hours and 55 minutes.

What time is Iftar and Sehri in Makkah 2023? ›

Makkah Sehri Time & Iftar Time 2023
28 Sep 202304:54 AM6:13 PM
29 Sep 202304:54 AM6:12 PM
30 Sep 202304:54 AM6:11 PM
01 Oct 202304:55 AM6:10 PM
26 more rows

Why will there be 2 Ramadan in 2023? ›

In case you were wondering…

In an interview with Gulf News, Al Jarwan explained that as the lunar calendar is 11 days fewer than the solar calendar, at some stage we will experience two Ramadans in the same year.


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