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    While some are original characters, there is also many characters from other copyrighted works in this series.



    • An old man who eats spaghetti more than three times a day.
    • Compared to the original game, he is considerably more idiotic, troublesome, and selfish.
    • Often gets naked and dances around on spaghetti.
    • In addition to a number of abilities that would never have been possible in the original game, such as extending his nose and enlarging his beard, he can also travel at ultra-high speed via ass-warp.
    • He is fed up with helping Princess Peach, who has been kidnapped many times, and often leaves her in a pinch without going to her rescue. In fact, he even assaults her as soon as he discovers her.
    • He is an idiot on par with or even worse than His Majesty Dedede from the anime version of Kirby, is bad at math, uses tools incorrectly, gets sick from eating spaghetti that is known to be bad, suddenly gets naked, etc. He often causes trouble himself, but sometimes stands up for his friends and spaghetti, or shows unexpected strength when cornered in a tight situation.
    • Before he met SMG4, he was a serious character just like the original Super Mario series, but when he approached the USB that SMG4 was supposedly on, he was hit by an electric shock and became the idiot Mario we know today...
    • He is responsible for gags and comedy relief in almost all of his videos, but there are rare videos in which he does not appear at all.


    (Voice Actor: Luke Lerdwichagul)

    • His full name is SuperMemeGuardian4. He is an original character in the videos and the alter ego of the author. He is a friend of Mario and adventures with him.
    • He usually works on video production and occasionally explores [[memes.
    • It had the same look as Mario until the completion of The Lawsuit Arc. Mario has a red and blue color scheme, whereas SMG4 has a blue and white color scheme.
      • For this, the Stanley the Bugman (a character from Donkey Kong 3) trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee is the model.

    • He is basically the common sense counterpart (straight man) to the idiot Mario, but can also be the funnyman.
    • While discussing his childhood with Mario and his friends, SMG4 was shocked that he had no childhood, which was the start of the Genesis Arc.
    • For a time, he was so troubled by his birth and roots that he became mentally ill, but Mario's words helped him regain his composure.
    • The appearance was significantly changed in the last episode of the The Lawsuit Arc (see image above), and it still causes controversy among fans.
    • The design was further changed only five months later, although it is not clear if this had any impact (it was revealed in the announcement video by the picture SMG3 put out); in the second change, the "S" symbol on the hat had an afterimage and the eyes were blue, giving it an even more cartoonish appearance.
    • When he was depressed because his videos were not getting enough views, SMG3 cheered him up, and he started working hard to create the "perfect video," but then his behavior became increasingly strange. He was furious that his wi-fi connection was cut off at the Mario Day party, and he chased partygoers away with his Waluigi Launcher.
    • In SMG4 Movie: IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT, he finds a mysterious keyboard on the Internet and buys it when he is frustrated by his inability to make a good movie afterwards. However, it contains a terrible power that causes him to completely lose his sanity (see image below). However, SMG3's words bring him back to his senses, and together they complete the video.
      • In exchange, however, Peach's Castle, with which he had shared a long and painful relationship, collapsed. SMG4 felt remorse for having brought down the castle by his own outburst and decided to build a new castle in the abandoned circus. He struggled to raise funds to build the castle, but with the help of his friends, he succeeded in building a new castle, SMG4 Castle.



    • He is a sensible character opposite to his brother who is an idiot or an asshole, but he is a hard worker who is often pushed around by others.
    • While the timid side of the character is emphasized compared to the original, there is also a side that sometimes leads to eccentricity.
    • Has several part-time jobs, but they are usually fired because of Mario.
    • Initially, the appearance of Mario was just a green color scheme, but now it has been replaced with a Mario 64-style 3D model.
    • In the first video, he once plotted to strike back at Mario with the help of Bowser's army, and in "Luigi Labyrinth," he once plotted to take over the world with Luigi's puppet army, suggesting that he also has a talent as a villain.
    • Meditation has enabled him to demonstrate various psychic abilities.


    (Voice Actor: Kevin Lerdwichagul)

    • Full name Fishy Boopkins. He is a pure-hearted otaku Spike.
    • He has a residence in the sea, with a Hatsune Miku cushion. He also has the ability to communicate with sea creatures.
    • He has a father named Joe, who is very huge and one of the strongest of the SMG4 characters, but kind to his son.
    • He and Bob are best friends, but in The Rapper Bob Arc, there were cracks in their friendship.
    • The appearance was changed in the last episode of The Lawsuit Arc, but due to a flood of criticism, it was changed again only 5 months later (changed by SMG3 in the video). According to SMG3, he "looks like an ugly cabbage."
    • The second change brought the design closer to the first, with cartoonish eyes and clogs.


    • Full name Bob Bobowski. Bob is Boopkins' best friend. He talks a lot, to the point of annoyance.
    • A text to speech voice is used for his dialogues. In the early days, he spoke at a slower speed, but as he went on, they became faster.
    • Like Mario, he often shows his stupid side. Perhaps because of this, he and Mario seem to get along quite well.
    • He is a great rapper, but for a time he was so devoted to rapping that he sacrificed his friendships, and this was the beginning of the Rapper Bob Arc.
    • His appearance was changed in the last episode of the The Lawsuit Arc. Unlike the other three, Bob has no significant controversy.


    (Voice Actor: Lizzie Freeman)

    • Her full name is Meggy Spletzer. A former squid girl from Inkopolis, she leads a team called "Splash Squad" and has a youthful personality that likes to battle in Turf Wars.
    • As soon as she hears the word "paint," she immediately goes berserk.
    • In the Anime Arc, her body was annihilated in a mortal combat with Francis, but she was restored as a human after the war. However, even now, there are differences in opinion about her humanization.
      • Later, Desti's death cast a shadow over her heart, but she won her last festival in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny and made a true break with Desti.

    • Although her appearance became human, her voice remained squid, but in The YouTube Arc, even her voice became human (native English) by the power of YouTube remote control. "Booyah!" is her favorite phrase.
    • Unable to find what she wants to do, she decides to go on an adventure by herself to find what she wants to do and temporarily separates from her friends. This adventure is depicted in the web animation Sunset Paradise which the author is involved in the production of.
    • She later decided to attend college to become a sports coach. After studying overnight, she fell sound asleep on the day of the exam, but managed to pass the exam thanks to Luigi's quick thinking when she went to take the exam as a substitute.
    • The design was further changed in the trailer for SMG4 Movie: IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT (changed by SMG3 in the movie). Compared to SMG4, SMG3, and Boopkins above, the design is more detailed than before with no noticeable changes.
    • In the episode that ushers in the SMG4 Movie: WESTERN SPAGHETTI, she and her friends go to a western town to look for One Shot Wren, a squid that she admire who she saw by chance in a TV commercial. But in the film, she learns a shocking truth...

    Recurring (Original Characters)


    (Voice Actor: James Bailey)

    • His full name is SuperMemeGuardian3. He used to have a rivalry with SMG4, and had been making evil plans to take over the channel every time.
    • SMG4 wears white overalls while SMG3 wears black overalls.
    • He is mad scientist, he creates evil inventions in his home and laboratory, but most of the time he gets into trouble for it, or is prevented from doing so by Mario, SMG4, and others.
    • In The YouTube Arc, he launched Snitch Productions to eliminate SMG4 in earnest, but the gang eventually stopped him and took him away to a magical place called the Internet Graveyard.
    • After being taken to the Internet Graveyard, he is taught by the meme gods who reside there about the meme life cycle, the process from birth to death of memes, and takes care of them until they become popular again.
    • His appearance was significantly changed in the last episode of The Lawsuit Arc; the differences from SMG4 are the skull mark on the hat and the presence of a beard.
    • Only five months later, the design was further changed (SMG3 is also shown in the video performing the transformation), and the second change further differentiated the design from SMG4. The changes include the cut of the brim of the hat, the parting of the bangs, the reddish color of the eyes, the roman numeral "III" on the gloves, and bracelets on the shoes.
    • He was the main character in SMG4 Movie: IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT, where he restored SMG4 to his senses and worked with him to complete the perfect video. This event led to a new friendship between the two former rivals.


    (Voice Actor: Luke Lerdwichagul)

    • Full name Shroomy the Mushroom. A talking mushroom from the land of food, different from Toads.
    • In The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE, he made his first appearance as the last survivor of the survival game. His unexpected first appearance left the organizer, Mario, momentarily baffled.
    • He is the first character in SMG4 that is completely original and not based on a Nintendo work or anime.
    • He loves the outdoors and is good with his hands. He is also skilled in handling heavy weapons.
    • Sometimes he falls into darkness and his head turning a blue-purple, giving him an evil look. His name at that time was Anti-Schloomy and he was on the side of SMG3 in the YouTube version.


    (Voice Actor: Celeste Notley-Smith)

    • Cyborg girl who is a gamer. Her left hand is a prosthetic hand with an extension function.
    • She was weak and withdrawn, but opened up through interaction with her friends. She loves duck toys.
    • Her name comes from the American game company Atari.
    • A girl with the same name appears as the main character in the web animation Meta Runner, which the author is involved in producing, but there is no connection to the SMG4 video.
      • Her full name is Turbo Assisted Rapid Intelligence.

    • Her design was changed in the report at the beginning of SMG4: Grand Theft Mario. The design became cute and detailed, and a heart-shaped ahoge stood up on the head.


    • Her full name is Saiko Bichitaru. As the wordplay in her name suggests, she is a gal who acts like a psychopath.
    • Originally a character in a dating sim, Boopkins materialized her with Kamek's staff.
    • At first, she was Boopkins' lover, but she was also a yandere, who eliminated anything that was inconvenient for her and Boopkins as a love rival or obstacle. The yandere part of her character was too extreme, resulting in her breakup.
    • She handles a huge hammer as a weapon. Because of this, her fighting ability is quite high.
    • As she antagonized Mario and her friends, she began to struggle with her own emotional instability and violent temperament, but she reformed under the teachings of Luigi, and through her interactions with SMG4 and his friends, she became clumsy and short-tempered, but also considerate of others.
    • Japanese voice clips (mainly Nami from One Piece and Lana from Hyrule Warriors) that seem to fit the image of the dialogue are used, but the actual dialogue (English subtitles) sometimes seems to be out of sync with the content.
    • She and Kaizo once had a unit called KS-2 and had been involved in band activities and illegal activities.
    • In SMG4: Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded, she meets Kaizo for the first time in many years, but her interactions with her friends have faded the bad feelings she had during her KS-2 days, and this has caused a rift in her friendship with Kaizo.
    • However, she reconciled with Kaizo during the final task of fighting Mario in SMG4: The Meme Games 2022, and perhaps due to that (?), She became even more Japanese anime-like in appearance. Unlike the other characters, there is no major controversy regarding the design change for Saiko.


    (Voice Actor: Kayleigh Smyth)

    • A watermelon in the shape of Meggy that Mario made from his loneliness at Christmas alone.
    • In The YouTube Arc, she took the side of SMG3 from the Snitch Productions-sponsored play and became Meggy's counterpart.
    • She said she was good at hacking, but it was only after she became human that she found out how she was typing.
    • In SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness, the power of the demonic mask transforms her into a childish and troublesome human girl.
    • She loves to sleep and treats anything that seems to help her sleep comfortably as a bed.
    • In the latter half of The The Genesis Arc, she had a death struggle with Eldritch Zero, who possessed Axol, who had feelings for her, and buried Axol, who sacrificed himself, with Zero's own hands, which cast a shadow over her mind for several days. She has since aspired to become a artist like him to honor Axol, although she is not sure if this is still the case today.
    • The mask of the demi-god gave her powerful powers, but she could not control them and went out of control, so she ended up attending college like Meggy.
    • He has a white woolly axolotl named Axol Jr. (first appeared in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon).

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