Inground Pool Supplies (2024)

Inground Pool Supplies:

Doheny´s Pool Supplies Fast offers a full catalog of pool supplies for your inground pool. Our full line of pool cleaners will keep your water sparkling clean and free of algae and debris. If your pool is the gathering place for neighborhood children, our pool cleaning products and chemicals will keep the water sanitary and uncontaminated, even during pool parties with dozens of people in the water.

Most Popular Products for Inground Pool Maintenance

Robotic, Suction & Pressure Cleaners

Inground pools can need frequent cleaning, but nothing makes the task easier than a robotic pool cleaner. With a plug and play advantage, these cleaners can complete the job in as little as three hours. You might want to turn of the pool pump to let debris settle to the bottom of the pool before proceeding, helping to reduce wear on your pool pump. Clean out the robotic cleaner’s filter basket when it is finished and turn the pump back on, and you’re done!

Suction-side pool cleaners are a great option for new pool owners. They are the most affordable choice and can be very popular. A suction cleaner connects to your pool skimmer with a long hose at the water intake, allowing your pool pump to provide the suction it needs. Factor in higher electricity bills and additional wear on your filter, and the additional maintenance steps backwashing the filter and cleaning out the skimmer basket. Still, you’ll have a sparkling clean pool at a great value.

Pressure-side pool cleaners are a powerful option that allows you to skip the filter backwashing step needed with suction-side pool cleaners. Instead, you empty the cleaner’s filter bag after each use. These cleaners use the pressure from the water being forced out of your pool pump to propel itself and don’t need an independent source of power to run. High pressure water jets knock algae and debris free for a complete clean.

Doheny’s can help you find the best pool cleaner for your lifestyle.

Pool Pumps

A pool pump is a crucial piece of pool equipment to keep your pool properly clean. It circulates pool water and keeps water flowing through your pool filter. The pump’s motor spins the pump’s impeller, sending water through the pump’s basket into the filter. There are single speed pumps and dual speed pumps that offer an energy efficient lower speed. These pumps are the most popular and affordable options. There are also variable speed pumps that use a motor with lower friction, giving the highest energy efficiency. You’ll also want to choose a pool pump based on its horsepower. More horsepower means faster water turnover and running the pump less often. Choose a pump that your pool filter can handle and is best for your pool based on its volume and potential gallons per minute. Doheny’s can help you find the perfect pool pump for your inground pool’s size and shape, or an above ground pool pump.

Pool Filters

Our pool filter products are also designed to work alongside the products mentioned above to remove dirt and leaves, other debris that is introduced to the pool by swimmers, and even invisible microorganisms such as bacteria and algae. Sand filters cost less and are easiest to maintain. The sand that is used to filter debris lasts five to seven years. You will need to backwash the filter to maintain filter efficiency with this option, and sand filters are the least effective at catching debris smaller than 20 microns. Cartridge filters can filter contaminants as small as 10 microns, don’t require backwashing, and work well even with a pump at a low speed. The cartridge will need to be sprayed clean with a hose occasionally and need a new cartridge every few years. DE Filters are the most expensive and labor-intensive option, but they filter out the smallest contaminants at 5 microns. Diatomaceous earth (DE) made for pool filters evenly distributes over the filter grids to capture the contaminants when you add a slurry of it directly into the skimmer while the pool pump is running. DE pool filters require extensive annual cleaning and addition of DE when needed but provide the best filtration. Doheny’s can help you find the best pool filtration solution for your pool.

Pool Covers

During the winter season, most homeowners let the main components of their inground pool system rest for a few months. To make sure that your pool isn’t a complete disaster after autumn leaf fall and wet, cold winters, Doheny´s Pool Supplies Fast also carries a full line of winter covers, and safety covers for inground pools located in all different types of climates and regions. Doheny’s also has a wide selection of solar covers at different thicknesses to provide the best value for your pool. Our multi-purpose pool covers can be used for keeping your water warm (without a separate heater) during months of active use. The same cover can keep debris out of your pool during the evenings while keeping your pool foundation from cracking during frigid winter temperatures. Doheny’s offers a full suite of custom and in stock Winter Covers, Safety Covers and Solar Covers that are right for your pool.

Pool Liners, Pool Paint & Deck Coatings

Your pool may have an inground pool liner that needs replacement. Doheny’s offers inground liners custom made to fit your pool in over a hundred beautiful patterns! Doheny´s Pool Supplies Fast also offers a full line of pool paint, deck coatings, and other products to make sure that your pool is a stunning part of your yard. If you are have been thinking of installing a new pool or noticed some wear to your liner, pool paint or deck coating, contact our pool pros at Doheny´s Pool Supplies Fast so that we can help you find the best supplies for your specific need. You can call us today at 1.800.574.7665.

Inground Pool Supplies (2024)
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