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Chili’s Grill and Bar, commonly referred to as just “Chili’s”, is a popular chain restaurant with over a thousand locations worldwide. They offer a robust menu of American dishes and fresh Tex-Mex flavors.

The extensive menu and casual (yet inviting) dining room makes Chili’s the perfect choice for families and groups of friends. Rest assured, if you’re flying solo, the bar is still a great place to enjoy a delicious meal along with a beer or cocktail. Read on for more information on Chili’s menu, locations, and rich history.


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About Chili’s Grill and Bar

Chili’s founder Larry Lavine had a dream when he opened the first Chili’s location in Dallas, Texas, in 1975. His dream was to “create a place you’d want to go to hang out with good friends over a burger and a beer” and to “offer a genuine Southwest spirit filled with positive energy”. Lavine converted an old post office into a fully functioning funky little restaurant.

The original menu was actually minuscule compared to today’s menu. From 1975-1978, Chili’s only offered a couple of styles of chili, chili tacos, a handful of different hamburgers, and three drink options. The original Chili’s location has since been torn down; however, if you order a bowl of Terlingua Chili, you’ll be enjoying the original recipe that was crafted by Larry Levine in the 1970’s.

Over the years, Chili’s restaurant quickly gained popularity and began expanding. By 1983, 23 different locations had popped up in six different states. Twenty years ago, Chili’s opened in Mexico, and in 2004 the chain opened their first location in Europe. Today there are over 1,600 locations in 32 different countries.

A fun, not-so-well-known fact about Chili’s is that every Chili’s location has a red and green painted picture hanging upside down somewhere in the restaurant. If you’re dining in, have fun with your group by making it a competition to see who can find it first.

Chili’s Locations

Where is the closest Chili’s restaurant near me?

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How can I find a Chili’s bar and grill near me?

Craving a delicious burger, baby back ribs, or sizzling fajitas, but aren’t sure where the nearest Chili’s is? Here are a few ways to find a Chili’s near you:

  1. Scroll to the top of this page and use the available map to find the location nearest you. If you click on an individual pin, you will be provided with the restaurant’s address, as well as links to get directions and read reviews of the location.
  2. Visit the Chili’s website and click on the “Locations” tab at the top, or simply type the web address into your browser. Once there, you can type in your city, state, ZIP code, or address, or simply click the “Use My Current Location” button. This will generate a list of nearby locations for you to choose from.
  3. Use Google Maps on your smartphone or another device by searching for “Chili’s”. For this to work, you must ensure your location services are turned on.

Chili’s Hours

What are Chili’s hours near me?

Chili’s is open seven days a week, except for major holidays such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Most locations open at 11 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. (or later, depending on the day of the week). Hours may vary by location, so it is best to check their website or to call ahead to verify hours.

When is Chili’s happy hour near me?

Chili’s restaurants host a happy hour for their guests each day, and lucky for you, it lasts longer than an hour! This “happy hour” isn’t a happy hour in the typical sense of the term, but rather a block of time when guests can order drinks and dishes at a discount. Think $3 beers and $6 boneless wings, and so much more! Hours and specials vary by location and day, so be sure to check your location’s website for further details.

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Chili’s Ordering Options

Is there Chili’s delivery near me?

Select Chili’s locations offer free delivery on orders over $15, and other locations offer delivery through their exclusive partnership with DoorDash. To see what type of delivery and pick up options are available to you, please navigate to their website’s “Locations” feature and click on “Details”—here you can place an order by clicking “Order Now”. You can also place your delivery order directly through the DoorDash app.

Is there Chili’s to go near me?

Chili’s does offer carryout and curbside pick-up, which is an excellent option for those wanting to eat in the comfort of their own home without paying a delivery fee. To place an order for carryout or curbside pick-up, start by navigating to the Chili’s website and clicking on the “Order Now” tab at the top. This will take you to a categorized menu with options such as “Ribs & Steak”, “Fajitas”, “Salads, Soups, and Chilis”, “Appetizers”, “To-Go Alcohol”, and others. Click on a tab, and you will see pictures, prices, and nutritional content for all the menu items in that category. Once you find what you like, simply choose the necessary customizations and click “Order”. After that, all that’s left to do is select a pickup time and input your personal information. You can either pay online or pay when you pick up.

Chili’s Menu

What is on the Chili’s menu near me?

Chili’s offers a wide variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy. Below you will find a brief overview of their American and Tex-Mex infused menu.

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Made to share, and full of flavor! Appetizers such as Southwestern Eggrolls, Texas Cheese Fries, and Loaded Boneless Wings are unique to Chili’s and quintessential of their brand. Other appetizers such as their Awesome Blossom Petals, Fried Pickles, and Crispy Cheddar Bites are fairly standard bar food but remain tasty crowd-pleasers. Dishes of salsa, guacamole, and specialty queso can also be ordered for the table.

Main Course

Fajitas, Tacos, and Quesadillas remain an ever-popular option at Chili’s. Equally famous are their “Big Mouth Burgers,” with toppings such as smoked brisket, avocado, queso, and sautéed mushrooms and onions. Chili’s also offers baby back ribs that are smoked in-house over pecan wood, as well as USDA steaks. Chicken and seafood dishes, sandwiches, and sides such as Roasted Street Corn, steamed broccoli, and mashed potatoes are also on the menu.

If you’re looking to dine on the lighter side, Chilis offers several different salads, including the Santa Fe Chicken Salad and the Quesadilla Explosion Salad. They also have a “Guiltless Grill” section on the menu, which features several mouth-watering dishes that have all the flavor, but only 650 calories or fewer!


Chili’s offers a Molten Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Paradise Pie, and Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie on their dessert menu. One of these is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Love Chili’s? Need to feed a crowd? Their Party Platters are the perfect solution. Small Party Platters serve 4, and large Party Platters serve 6-8. Visit their website to view ordering options.

Chili’s Rewards

Chili’s Rewards members enjoy numerous benefits, including personalized rewards, free Wi-Fi, and a free dessert on their birthday. If you’re interested in signing up for Chili’s rewards, you can go to, or you can sign up using the kiosk at your table while you dine in.

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Chili’s also has a program for frequent diners called Chili’s Regulars. To be a Chili’s Regular, you must visit a participating location at least once every sixty days. Chili’s Regulars enjoy free chips and salsa or a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage on every visit.



What comes with the 2 for $25 at Chili's? ›

For those who have not encountered the 2 for $25, the concept is simple and wonderful: for less than half the cost of the average dinner for two, Chili's will serve you an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert.

Why is it called Chillis Restaurant? ›

Chili's was inspired by a chili cookoff held in Terlingua, Texas, in 1967. It was attended by a young entrepreneur named Larry Lavine, who was inspired to develop his own chili recipe and in 1975 opened the first Chili's in Dallas.

How many stores does chilis have? ›

Who is the founder of Chili's? ›

The founder of Chili's Grill & Bar was a man named Larry Lavine.

Did chilis stop the $2 for $25? ›

Chili's Grill & Bar is offering a new “3 for Me” value deal that replaces both the long-standing “3 for $10.99” and “2 for $25” offers, the company said Thursday.

What is the 3 for $10 reward at Chili's? ›

Our 3 for Me value meal starts at $10.99 and is perfect for any mood and any time. Choose your beverage, appetizer, and entree, or spice it up by adding a classic margarita, White Queso or our famous Cheesecake. It's R&B star Brian McKnight approved.

What is chili's secret sauce? ›

You can make my Chili's Secret Sauce recipe revealed here in just a couple of minutes with a simple combination of mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce, honey, and mustard, plus a little turmeric to add a golden tint.

Why do people eat chilis? ›

Capsaicin causes pain and triggers the body to think it's in danger. In response, the body releases endorphins, which are pleasure causing hormones, this is the body's way of trying to eliminate the “threat” it feels when you eat spicy food.

What is Devil chili? ›

Devil is an F1 hybrid variety of serrano chilli. The plant produces heavy yields of very large 9½cm (3¾in) long by 1cm (½in) wide hot peppers. Peppers are very hot and turn from glossy dark green to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers.

Who is chili's biggest competitor? ›

Texas Roadhouse, Inc.

Why are chilis expensive? ›

Certain factors like labor costs, rewards programs, and inflation all contribute to more expensive prices at Chili's.

Is chili American or Mexican? ›

Chili became commonly prepared in northern Mexico and southern Texas. Unlike some other Texas foods, such as barbecued brisket, chili largely originated with working-class Tejana and Mexican women.

What nationality is Chili's? ›

Chili's Grill & Bar is an American casual dining restaurant chain. The company was founded by Larry Lavine in Texas in 1975 and is currently owned and operated by Brinker International.

What is the slogan for Chili's? ›

The famed slogan will promote the chain's revamped menu. Chili's ode to its past continues. The casual dining leader, which recently unveiled its “Less is More” menu nationwide, is reviving another guest favorite: the famed “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back,” ad campaign.

Is Chili's a chain or franchise? ›

Chili's Franchise System Size and Composition

Chili's franchise system has approximately 1,600 units worldwide, around 60% of which are corporate-owned and 40% of which are franchised. Nearly all of Chili's units are U.S.-based, but the brand has begun pushing into international markets.

What does Chili's give you for your birthday? ›

Free dessert on your birthday. 1-Tap reorder of your favorites in the Chili's mobile app. Use your Rewards when ordering To Go, Curbside or Delivery from

Why are people boycotting Chili's? ›

Chili's Faces Boycott After a Manager Took a Free Veterans Day Meal Away From an Army Vet. A video of the incident has gone viral on Facebook.

Does chilis have a 401 k? ›

Chili's offers its team members competitive pay, flexible scheduling, discounts on food, career growth opportunities, and a wide range of benefits, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, 401(k) retirement savings plans, paid time off, tuition reimbursement and more.

Does Chili's give free food to employees? ›

Our discounts include: Free shift meals when you're working and discounts at all Chili's restaurants. Online Team Member perks center – exclusive pricing on everything from clothes, theme parks, movies, local events and more. Cell phone discounts.

What is Chili's signature item? ›

Our restaurant menu includes Chili's signature items: famous double-basted Baby Back Ribs, sizzling fajitas, Big Mouth Burgers®, Margarita Presidente®, grilled steaks, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Southwestern Eggrolls and a colossal hand-battered Awesome Blossom® onion.

Can you use 2 coupons at Chili's? ›

Members cannot redeem more than one (1) Reward per visit to a participating restaurant. A Reward cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon, and Rewards may not be earned on a transaction that includes Brinker Team Member discounts.

What's the difference between chili sauce and Coney sauce? ›

What's the difference between a Coney dog and a chili dog? They might seem like different names for the same style of hot dog, but Coney Island dogs are smothered with a meat sauce that's not exactly chili—plus onions and yellow mustard.

How does chili's cook their hamburgers? ›

Nope. Cooks in each Chili's smash half-pound patties by hand onto flattop grills, sizzle them until they develop a nice crust, then cradle them in good quality brioche buns. Bulgarelli says Chili's buys preservative-free chickens and cooks them fresh in each restaurant every day.

What does secret sauce mean in slang? ›

called also special sauce. : an element, quality, ability, or practice that makes something or someone successful or distinctive.

Does chilis actually cook their food? ›

If you're looking for fresh, farm-to-table food, well, Chili's might not be where you want to go. The chain restaurant (like most chains) uses a decent amount of frozen food that is microwaves or heated up before being served to you.

Do chilis get spicier as they age? ›

Let chili peppers age on the vine

The longer a hot pepper ages, the spicier they become. The amount of capsaicin in the fruit increases over time, so if you can wait until those green jalapeños turn red, then you're in for a much spicier experience.

What is the best drink for spicy food? ›

Balancing it with an acid can help neutralize the molecule's activity. This means drinking or eating something acidic — such as lemonade, limeade, orange juice or a tomato-based food item or drink — may also help cool your mouth down. (Milk is also acidic, by the way.)

What is the rarest chili in the world? ›

Our Kampot Bird Pepper is a true marvel of nature. This exceptional pepper features as one of the rarest spices of the world, of which we produce an extremely limited quantity each year!

What is the strongest chili? ›

Carolina Reaper the hottest chili in the world

With an average of 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville scale and peak levels of over 2,200,000 SHU, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world awarded in the 2013 Guinness World Records.

What is a black chili? ›

Black Cobra chile peppers are typically harvested when they are black and are only in this stage for a few weeks before ripening into a bright red. The rare peppers are not commonly used fresh and are instead dried and ground, predominately used for their spicy taste.

What position makes the most money at Chili's? ›

Chili's Grill & Bar employees with the job title Restaurant Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $15.79, while employees with the title Server make the least with an average hourly rate of $5.59.

Who are Chick Fil A's biggest competitors? ›

Chick-fil-A main competitors are Zax LLC, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Jack in the Box. Competitor Summary. See how Chick-fil-A compares to its main competitors: KFC has the most employees (820,000).

What city has the most chilis? ›

The survey ranked Los Angeles atop the list, followed by Dallas; Phoenix; Houston; San Francisco/Oakland; Chicago; Baton Rouge, La.; Springfield, Mo.; Cincinnati; and San Antonio who is credited with first popularizing chili in the 1890s, rounded out the top 10.

Should I tip chilis to go? ›

For those who don't know, you should always tip the servers that work the to go orders in casual restaurants like Chili's, Applebees , Outback, etc. these servers usually don't have tables and they have to take your order, make sure it's all correct, place them in the bags with the right silverware and so on .

What are the allegations against chilis? ›

Brinker Arkansas, Inc., doing business as Chili's Grill & Bar in Benton, Ark., violated federal law when it subjected a class of female teens to sexual harassment, the EEOC charged. The sexual harassment, committed by a 33-year old male cook, involved several physical assaults and forced one of the victims to resign.

Why are chilis red? ›

Born as green, when they are dried, they turn red as they lose all the water content and become more pungent. As chillies dry up and turn red, they lose a major chunk of nutrients.

Who puts chili over rice? ›

Chili rice: Origin: Hawaii, U.K., Australia. Chili with beans served over rice. “Chili size”: Origin: California. A burger topped with chili (usually without beans).

What do you call chili without beans? ›

No bean chili, also known as Texas chili or Chile con carne, is a spicy stew made without any beans. It traditionally contains meat (usually ground beef), tomatoes, peppers, onions, aromatics and flavorful spices.

Why do people put beans in chili? ›

Grandad said the reason why Midwestern chili had beans, and tomatoes, and other foreign objects in it is that while the cattle drives were passing into Oklahoma, sometimes the pot would get thin. So, they would add beans. As they were traveling North, the pot wouldn't be red anymore, so they would add tomatoes.”

Who started putting beans in chili? ›

It was cowboys who brought beef to the dish, but those same cowboys also kept beans in it. According to the Chili Appreciation Society International, chili's spread throughout Texas and other parts of the country began with cattle drives in the mid 19th century.

Who is chili's baby daddy? ›

All the '80s babies who grew up listening to TLC may or may not remember that Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has a son with music producer Dallas Austin.

Was chili invented in Texas? ›

The earliest description of chili comes from an 1828 journal. Recounting a visit to San Antonio, J. C. Clopper writes about it as "a kind of hash with nearly as many peppers as there are pieces of meat – this is all stewed together." Historians often cite Texas as the birthplace of chili con carne.

What was Hooters old slogan? ›

The restaurant has long used the waitresses as a selling point and even sells a calendar of 'Hooters girls'. However, the restaurant – which used to have the slogan 'Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined' and is often delightfully dubbed a 'breastaurant' - has also come under fire for objectifying women.

What was chili's original name? ›

Who knew the triple dipper and baby back ribs were established right here in Lake Highlands? In 1967, Larry Lavine attended the inaugural Terlingua Chili Cook-off. Inspired by the chili cook-off he gave birth to a new culinary experience, Chili's Grill and Bar.

What is Wendy's catchphrase? ›

It's Wendy's." The company's slogan, "you know when it's real," was introduced in 2010. In November 2010, a series of commercials aired featuring the company's namesake, Wendy Thomas, which marked the first time she had appeared in a Wendy's advertisement.

Who owns Chili's now? ›

Image of Who owns Chili's now?
Brinker International, Inc. is an American multinational hospitality industry company that owns Chili's and Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant chains.

Is Chick Fil A chain or franchise? ›

Being a Chick-fil-A® Franchisee is a life investment

Franchisees spend their time and resources to build the Chick-fil-A brand and continue the incredible legacy that began with our founder, Truett Cathy. We share in Truett's vision to be a positive influence on the people and communities we serve.

How much does it cost to build a chilis? ›

Chili's Grill & Bar – Startup costs
Type of costAmount
Construction costs$1,500,000 – $2,000,000
Furniture, and fixtures$100,000 – $120,000
Equipment$350,000 – $400,000
Additional Funds 3 Months$425,000 – $625,000
3 more rows
May 20, 2023

Can I use 2 chilis be our guest at one time? ›

Susan, you can use as many of them at once as you would like! All of our food and beverage items are covered!

Do you have to pay for chips and salsa at Chili's? ›

Our FREE Chips & Salsa or Non-Alcoholic Beverage offer* is available on every visit at participating locations when you spend a minimum of $5. But wait, there's more! As a My Chili's Rewards® member you also receive: Personalized Rewards just for you – free kids meals, appetizers, desserts and more!

What is table entertain at Chili's? ›

“At Chili's restaurants nationwide, we offer guests entertainment at the table with premium games for a one-time fee of $1.99, which provides unlimited access to games during the dining experience. This one-time fee is not per person or per game, but actually covers all of the dining entertainment for that visit.

Does chilis give free food to employees? ›

Our discounts include: Free shift meals when you're working and discounts at all Chili's restaurants. Online Team Member perks center – exclusive pricing on everything from clothes, theme parks, movies, local events and more. Cell phone discounts.

Can you get chopped chilis at In and Out? ›

Chopped chilies: You can ask In-N-Out to chop up those little yellow chilies and put them on your burger or your fries. You can also order the yellow chilies on the side. Grilled mustard: Just like on the animal-style burger, you can ask In-N-Out to grill mustard into any patty for any burger.

Can you share a meal at Be Our Guest? ›

Please know, when making your plans, you can't split a family-style meal or buffet meal. But, any quick service or table service meal that is not prix fixe (total fixed price for each person) can be shared. For example, if you go to Be Our Guest for lunch, the prices are prix fixe.

Do you tip at chilis? ›

Yes. You tip 5% of your SALES.

Do you have to tuck in your shirt at chilis? ›

No they do not.

Does chilis have mashed potatoes and gravy? ›

Personalized health review for Chili's Grill & Bar Mashed Potatoes w/ Black Pepper Gravy: 310 calories, nutrition grade (D plus), problematic ingredients, and more.

How do you get double coupons? ›

Doubling coupons is when the store will take your coupon and match the value of it up to a certain amount. The amount will vary by store, but I will use $1 as an example. You bring in your $1 coupon to use and they will give you $2 off your purchase instead of just $1.

Does Walmart allow double coupons? ›

Acceptance of unmatched manufacturer coupons to the correct purchase item is against policy and the coupon will be denied. Walmart does not accept bottle caps for redemption. Walmart does not honor double or triple coupons.

How many McDonald's coupons can you use at once? ›

How many McDonald's deals can be used at a time? You can only redeem one McDonald's deal per person, per visit.

Do they have TVs at Chili's? ›

Chili's Grill & Bar - All the TVs.

Do Olive Garden games cost money? ›

Olive Garden has installed the Ziosk tablets on each table. Beware - if you play the games, without warning, $1.99 will be tacked to your bill. The food was typical of Olive Garden and the service was good, with the exception of not being able to reverse the charge for the games.

What is a turntable restaurant? ›

A revolving restaurant or rotating restaurant is usually a tower restaurant eating space designed to rest atop a broad circular revolving platform that operates as a large turntable. The building remains stationary and the diners are carried on the revolving floor.


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