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Do you love Comedy, POV, and Dance videos? IF yes, then you should Install Tiktok and Follow Anna Shumate. Yes, she is a young and sensational Tiktok Star and Social media influencer famous for the same type of videos.

The star looks like a very young teenager, but her fan following is so much that it is hard for any other teenager to acquire at this young age. She is the one who has started the platform without any major intentions. In the start, all of this was just for fun, but with time she started gaining a huge amount of followership. From there, she planned to consider it as a full-time career, and now she is earning a considerable amount of money out of it.

The unique and compelling videos are not the only reason for her popularity in public. She is also famous and loves by hundreds of thousands of people due to her appearance. As of now, you can see her pictures, and she already looks like a supermodel due to her outstanding and hot looks.

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Anna Shumate Age

Anna Shumate is 21 years old as of 2024. Her birthplace is Michigan, United States, while her Birthday is November 6, 2002. If we talk about her zodiac sign, so it’s Scorpio. The educational details show us that she attends high school in Michigan and the institute’s name is Grosse lle high school. However, she will be graduating by the year 2024 from Michigan State University.

Apart from that, she is of mixed ethnicity, but her religion is Christianity. Besides that, she holds American nationality as she was born and raised there.

Heightand Personal Appearance

Anna Shumate - Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family, Birthday, Biography & More - BigstarBio (2)

Anna Shumate height is around 5 feet 3 inches, which is ideal for a female. The body measurement is 34-26-35; however, she wears a 33C bra cup size. On top of that, she used to wear 6(US) shoe sizes. Finally, she is 55 KG in weight.

She has a blonde hair color and a romantic eye color that has made many followers crazy.

Anna Shumate Family

As of 2024, the details about Anna Shumate’s parents are not available on the internet. It seems like she doesn’t want to expose her parent’s information on the internet, or her parents don’t want to come out in public. However, she does have two brothers whose names are Brandon and Tommy. Both of them were seen quite a time in her Instagram posts and Tiktok Videos.

Apart from Anna Shumate, another family member was pursuing Social media as a full-fledged career. Therefore, we can easily say that her family members are not interested in social media platforms.

Anna Shumate BoyFriend/Dating

As per the resources, there is nobody who is associated with Anna Shumate as her boyfriend. Therefore, it clearly shows that she is not in a relationship. She could be very young to start any relationship, or she wants to focus on her career and wants to achieve her goal first.

However, the hot and beautiful looks of Anna Shumate clearly show that she will easily get a boyfriend, or there might be any co-star or someone else who has feelings for her but couldn’t get the chance to express it.

Anna Shumate Net worth

As of 2024, Anna Shumate Net worth is more than $300,000 as per the resources online. She is a social media star by profession, so there are many brands and business who calls her to represent their products and earn a hefty amount of money out of it.

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Besides that, she tends to publish sponsored pictures and videos that are also the major reason for her earning online. Also, she collaborates with different fashion and lifestyle brands that are also the major reason for her income.

Biography & Career

Back in 2019, she started her Tiktok Career for fun. However, her fun videos tend to become a source of entertainment and addiction for the viewers. Therefore, she started gaining positive responses from the public. In the current times, she has more than 9 million active followers on her TikTok account.

After getting a huge amount of Fame on Tiktok, she planned to create an Instagram account where she tends to post about her daily life routines. Luckily, she managed to divert Tiktok followers to Instagram and additional followers on her account and pushed it to more than 1 million active followers.

With both accounts, she is getting a huge amount of viewership. Hence, she is earning a considerable amount of money by monetizing her account viewership.

Besides that, Youtube is another social media platform where she had created her account as well. As of now, she has around 180,000 subscribers on the channel. Hence, a hefty amount of money is also coming through the ad revenue procedure for her.

She also aims to become an actor one day due to her outstanding looks and talent. For that reason, she is already in the entertainment industry and getting a huge amount of work for herself. Therefore, a considerable amount of money is also coming out of it.

14 Facts of Anna Shumate

  1. Photography and Travelling are her favorite things to do.
  2. Dancing and singing are her hobbies.
  3. She started playing sports at the age of 2.
  4. She started TikTok after a friend encouraged her.
  5. She is a die-hard fan of Jack Wright, who is a tiktoker.
  6. Math is her favorite subject in school.
  7. Brad pit is her favorite actor.
  8. She loves Italian Cuisines.
  9. Anna Banana is her Nickname.
  10. Angelina Jolie is her favorite actress.
  11. Her dream is to win Oscar one day.
  12. She loves to meet and interact with her fans.
  13. In a QNA video, she confessed to thinking about Quitting social media a lot of the time.
  14. She loves fast food, especially Mcdonald’s Chicken Sandwich.
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There is nothing controversial uploaded on the internet from the fans and media side about Anna Shumate. Therefore, it clearly states that she is focusing a lot on her career and doesn’t want to be negative, affecting her followership on the internet.

Else, she is very young, so there is nothing we would expect to happen around her, making her a controversial topic over the internet. Also, we wish that she will never appear on the internet as a controversial person.

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Anna Shumate - Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family, Birthday, Biography & More - BigstarBio (2024)
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